Slip and fall accidents refer to cases when a person slips, falls or trips due to a hazardous or dangerous condition on somebody else’s property. It takes in falls due to water, snow or ice, as well as poor lighting, sudden flooring changes, or a concealed hazard, like a gap or a hole in the ground difficult to see.

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control approximates that in 2004, over eight million people were harmed in falls.

Claims Involving Slip and Fall Accident

If you’ve been injured in such accident, then you could be entitled to get compensation for the costs and damages associated with the injuries you sustained.  While every slip and fall claim is different, common legal concerns should be noted in each case:


Liability:  The property owner may be typically responsible for the injuries you got if that individual knew about the hazardous conditions or should’ve known about the hazardous condition.  Owners of properties have a responsibility to keep their properties safe, but won’t be accountable for such accidents that they couldn’t reasonably prevent.

Claims:  If you’re pursuing payment for your injuries, then you’ll have to file a lawsuit or accident claim concerning your slip and fall.  When filing a lawsuit or claim in such a case, you’ll need to be ready to show evidence from the premises that demonstrate that the property owner knew about, or should’ve known about a certain condition that resulted in your injury.

Attorneys:  As skilled slip and fall lawyer can be important to get the compensation you’re owed.  Filing a lawsuit or claim can be a hard and vexing process can be made easier by the help of a lawyer.

Preventing Liability:  If you are a small business or homeowner, then getting insurance can cover you from paying for accidents that take place on your property.  Though preventing such accidents is best, a good business or home insurance plan can be great if a guest slips and harms themselves.

Such accidents are very common, and regardless of where you reside, you’ll be able to locate a lawyer willing to deal with your case.  Lawyers frequently offer free consultations, so talking with one can be helpful even though you have gotten an offer from the liable party.